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In this post you will get see the details about dehati sexy video series released so far along with their storyline, release date and the OTT platform on which the dehati sexy web series got released.

These series have been appreciated by lot of people and have received good rating and reviews from the audience. The reason because why these video series are called as dehati sexy video is that most of the part of these series filming is done in the village.

List of Dehati sexy video series

Gandi Baat dehati sexy video

Gandii Baat is a comedy web series with adult content and bold scenes. Continue reading to know why Gandi Baat is known as dehati sexy video. The web series is directed by Sachin Mohite.

This dehati sexy video is available on Alt Balaji which is a popular OTT platform. Initially, when the video series was released, it was also available on zee5 and MX Player platforms. The dehati sexy video web series was later removed by zee5 and MX Player due to the guidelines issued by the government for the OTT platform.

Gandi baat means ‘dirty talk’. From the name of the web series itself, it can be guessed that what is a video series. Gandi Baat consists of 6 seasons in total with each season having different episodes. Every episode of this dehati sexy video has a different bold scene story from the village part. The show is one of the most successful Indian video series on the platform. It is 24 episodes long which is spread over 6 seasons.

Charitraheen Dehati sexy video

Characterless is a dehati sexy video series which is completely based on the choices and decisions of a woman. The video series features actress Naina Ganguly in the female lead role. Naina Ganguly is playing the role of Kiran in this series. The other stars actors Gaurav Chatterjee and Saurav Das in lead roles.

The story of the series revolves around Kiran’s life after the death of her husband. The things that Kiran faces and the situations she goes through when she is alone is all about Charitraheen which is a dehati sexy video series. The series is directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya and the first episode of the series was released in the year 2019 on 22nd September.

Set in a modern urban backdrop, the dehati sexy video web series is about love, lust and lies that takes Kiran on a struggling journey of sexual exploration. The main objective of the story is to reveal whether Kiran is about to find the love of her life again or is her real desire to be characterless?

maaya dehati sexy video

Maya is a dehati sexy video which is streamed on MX player. The video series is directed by Vikram Bhatt. The story of the series revolves around a married woman named Sonia. The role of Sonia is played by Shama Sikander. Sonia’s husband is a doctor named Abhishek. The role of Abhishek is played by Veer Aryan.

After marriage, Sonia falls ill due to a nervous breakdown. Sonia would be completely unconscious for six months. Her husband Abhishek, a doctor, tries to find out the cause of her illness. While trying to unravel his past, Abhishek learns about Sonia’s secret life. Read on to know what happens in Maaya dehati sexy video series.

Abhishek learns about Sonia’s sexuality and sexual fantasies. dehati sexy video is about how abhishek is going to react on sonia’s past life. Sonia will be completely unaware of the things happening around her in 6 months. How Abhishek is going to take this betrayal is the story of all desi sexy videos.

Aashram dehati sexy video (dehati sexy video)

Ashram is a Hindi language based dehati sexy video series. The video series was released on the famous OTT platform MX Player. The web series is directed by Prakash Jha and produced by himself. The series is produced under Prakash Jha Productions.

In this dehati sexy video series, Bobby Deol is in the male lead role and Aditi Pohankar is in the female lead role. The video series is the first season that has been made available for free streaming on OTT platform MX Player from 28 August 2020.

The story of dehati sexy video revolves around Baba Nirala, a preacher whose followers blindly trust him. The role of Baba is played by Bobby Deol. Baba’s followers come from the underprivileged and poor sections of the village. Baba’s followers are so naive that they are always ready to do whatever their Guru Baba says.

In this dehati sexy video web series ashram baba nirala is a common man who became a baba himself in front of his devotees to take his wealth and to be associated with the ashram to lead his life.

V. Bhaskar Dehati Sexy Video

This is a comedy dehati sexy video web series directed by Vishal Chaturvedi. The first episode of the series was released on 19 November 2019. This is a suspense plus comedy based video series. Anant Joshi and Aishwarya in lead roles.

The story of dehati sexy video web series revolves around a writer Bhaskar Tripathi. Bhaskar will be 27 years old and is still a virgin. Bhaskar will fall in love with Vidhi. Bhaskar starts writing exciting stories which become very famous. Within no time he becomes famous and attains name, wealth and success.

When Bhaskar gets too busy with his writing, he does not give proper time to his girlfriend. Their busy schedule affects their relationship. One day both of them get into a fight and break up. Within 10 days Bhaskar challenges him to find a girlfriend. Will he be able to find the love of his life, this is the story of dehati sexy video series.

Mastram dehati sexy video series

Mastram is a romantic drama based dehati sexy video stream on MX Player. It stars Anshuman Jha, Tara Alisha Berry, Rani Chatterjee, Vivek Jha, Garima Jain and many more. Mastram series first released on MX Player OT platform on 30th April 2020.

Just 10 months after the release of Mastram dehati sexy video series it was removed by MX Player due to the guidelines issued by the government. Following the guidelines issued by the government, the OTT platform MX Player had to remove the video series as it contained the content.

Mastram is a dehati sexy video which revolves around a writer named Rajaram. According to the story of the web series author Rajaram is a failed writer whose stories were not so successful according to the publishers.

But things take a turn when the writer gets an amazing idea and starts writing exciting stories. Within no time the stories written by Rajaram became famous. The audience starts liking the stories written by Rajaram. Rajaram’s video series is liked by the youth and he becomes a successful writer in a short time. Read on to know what happens in dehati sexy video series.

The story of dehati sexy video is about how Rajaram’s fame and success affects his own life. How his wealth and name bring change in Rajaram’s personal life, that’s all about this video series.

Above are the list of some of the best dehati sexy video web series that have become popular so far. These dehati video series are liked and have been watched by millions of people.


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