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In this post we are going to review about some of the most popular Indian sexy video along with the cast, story, overview and other details about the series. These are the sexy Indian video are not only famous but also has got millions of views.

These are some of the most popular Indian sexy video series in India that have gained huge popularity. These series are popular with their genre and are discovered and watched by millions of viewers every day.

There are still many Indian sexy video series available on Netflix, MX Player, AltBalaji, Amazon prime video and many other platforms. We urge you to first know the contents of Indian sexy videos before you start watching. It is good to know what is web series.

List of Indian sexy video till 2022

Lust Stories Indian sexy video

Lust Stories is an Indian sexy video series that is available on the Netflix OTT platform. Sexy Videos has four short film segments. Lust Stories is directed by Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar and Dibakar Banerjee. The film stars Radhika Apte, Bhumi Pednekar, Manisha Koirala, Kiara Advani, Akash Thosar, Vicky Kaushal, Neha Dhupia and many other Hindi actors.

Lust Stories Indian sexy video is a sequel to the 2013 film Bombay Talkies. The story of the film is about the search for love, romance and relationships in modern India. The film is an anthology that explores contemporary relationships with the help of different storylines. Indian sexy video has been nominated for many awards.

Ratri ke Yatri

Ratri Ke Yatri is an Indian sexy video series consisting of 5 different stories. Each story has different characters but in each episode the story is about love, romance and refuge or just closure. There are total 5 episodes in the series, each episode is of 15-20 minutes duration.

Night Traveler Indian sexy video has different characters but the theme of the episode is the same. In each episode the person who is facing some difficulty in life goes to the red light area. It changes their perception of life once they move to the red light area.

The story of all the episodes of Indian sexy video revolves around the red light area and the person visiting that place. There is a beautiful message at the end of every episode. That is, every story ends with a good message.

The first episode of Indian sexy video is about a young boy who finds out that his mother might be working in a red light area. The story of the series is all about how the son takes it after learning that his mother is an activist.

The second episode of Indian sexy video is about an old man who goes to red light area to have sex. The story of this episode is about how the old man feels after entering the red light zone.

The third episode of Indian sexy video is about a young promising student who is about to go abroad for higher studies after completing his college studies. But before going abroad, this thought comes in his mind that he needs to have sex before leaving. For this purpose he visits the red light area and this is the story of this episode.

Montu Pilot Indian sexy video

Montu Pilot is an Indian sexy video series. It is in purple language. The series has got 2 seasons in it. The first season has 9 episodes and the second season has 10 episodes.

The story of Indian sexy video revolves around Montu who wanted to become a pilot since childhood. Montu dreams of becoming a pilot and traveling around the world since his school days. Montu’s mother does everything possible to get Montu out of the red light district where he will be staying.

His mother was unable to get Montu out of the red light district. Things take a turn in the Indian sexy video and Montu turns into an escort transporter. Montu has no understanding of love and is unable to feel sensitive feelings. Love has no meaning in Montu’s life.

Montu’s life changes when he meets Bhrmor in an Indian sexy video . After Bhrmor enters his life, Montu begins to understand the meaning of love and feelings and without her knowledge, he falls for her.

Dangerous Indian sexy video

Dangerous is an Indian sexy video series that is available on MX Player OTT platform. It is a crime thriller based series. The crime thriller story is written by Vikram Bhat and directed by Bhushan Patel.

The story of Indian sexy video revolves around Aditya, a business man. Aditya is a wealthy business man and is married. Diya is Aditya’s wife who is a very nice lady and loves her husband very much. Aditya decides to find his wife at any cost and appoints an officer to trace his wife.

Things take a turn in the Indian sexy video when one day Diya, wife of rich business man Aditya, goes missing. Things get complicated when Neha comes into the story. Neha enters Aditya’s life as an investment officer to find his missing wife.

Actually Neha is Aditya’s ex-boyfriend who did not marry him due to personal reasons. Will Neha know Aditya’s wife Diya is the story of Indian sexy video .

Ragini MMS Returns

Ragini MMS Returns is an Indian sexy video series that is available on AltBalaji OTT platform. Ragini MMS Returns is a romantic horror series. This Indian sexy video has 3 seasons. The story is written by Kamayani Vyas, Nikhil Vyas and directed by Suyash Wadhavkar.

This Indian sexy video has 12 episodes in the first season and 15 episodes in the second season. Let’s delve deeper into the story of this season.

The story of Indian Sexy Video Season 1 revolves around the lives of Simran and Ragini. The strange haunting they experience in an old deserted college is central to the story. Simran and Ragini will seek out the scandalous MMS CD as the CD contains secrets and some mysteries that have to be uncovered. As the two search for the CD, they are faced with the energy they have to deal with.

The story of Indian Sexy Video Season 2 revolves around Meena, who will be living in Canada. Meena is a Paranormal Investigator in Canada. Meena comes to India from Canada to check on Victoria Villa. The villa is said to be haunted. Meena visits the villa with her lover. But both are killed in the villa.

Eleven years later, Ragini and her friends decide to have a bachelorette party. They will look for the right place for their celebration. After learning about Victoria Villa they decide to have their party at the Villa. What happens in the villa after Ragini and her friends arrive is the story of this Indian sexy video .

Hello mini

Hello mini is an Indian sexy video series available on MX Player. It is a thriller drama directed by Farooq Kabir. The romantic thriller drama is based on the novel written by Novonel Chakraborty.

Indian sexy video is about a young beautiful girl named Mini and her hunter. The one who pursues him does good to him and at the same time does bad to him. The mini character role in this Indian sexy video series is played by Anuja Joshi.

The story of Indian sexy video revolves around a 22 year old young girl Rivana, who shifts from Kolkata to the city of Mumbai. Things take a turn when he learns that someone is watching him and is secretly following him. That someone is following him and starts blackmailing him.

This is someone nameless, voiceless, faceless in Indian sexy video . Indirectly someone without his knowledge will force him to know its worth. It doesn’t take much for him to realize that even though he’s following her and making her feel uncomfortable he may be helping her indirectly.

But we must not forget that every good thing has a price which we have to pay. As the stranger’s obsession leads him down a strangely difficult path. It affects his life and everyone around him. To know what happens in the Indian sexy video Hello mini series, you have to watch it completely.

These are some of the Indian sexy video which has become very popular in short time span. We will try to cover more and more videos here as and when they are released.


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