Walkman Web Series: Ullu’s hottest web series ever released, there was a ruckus as soon as it was released


Walkman Hot Web Series: Nowadays most of the movies are released on OTT platforms. Ever since the era of digital platforms has come, the trend of web series has also increased. Bold and intimate scenes are the most important part in web series these days. Today we will talk about the boldest web series released on 30 September ULLU tomorrow ‘Walkman’. ,

The series revolves around a woman who lives with Walkman for her wildest fantasies. The story is of a rural area where a man tries his best to satisfy his wife, but the wife has a great imagination as well as satisfaction, so she gets involved with other men around her. The series also featured a glimpse of actress Riddhima Tiwari contenting herself with a Walkman.

Fans’ reaction 

Fans are loving this series a lot as the story has unique mystery. Riddhima Tiwari has also appeared in a very hot and bold look which is making fans crazy. The chemistry between sister – Law in series with brother – Law – is creating a buzz on the OTT forum. More than one bold web series is released every week and the audience likes it more than the movies. You will also enjoy watching this series with a unique story.


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